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Old 15th September 2008, 09:13 PM
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Default HDMI/DVI connection on Mac mini

Just got around to connecting a Mac Mini to the HDTV. The problem I encountered is that my HDTV only accepts 1 HDMI/DVI connection and is already occupied with a Satellite Receiver, so ended up having to use an HDMI switch to route the Mac Mini to the HDTV. The extra 2 HDMI inputs will come in handy for future additions.
Old 16th September 2008, 09:39 PM
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That's a neat little toy -- but for that kind of money, wouldn't you have been better served by purchasing a reasonable AV head unit with HDMI switching built-in instead? I mean the $250 you spent on that simple HDMI switch box could also have gotten you more then half way to a $400 7.1 channel home theater system from Sony with the same number of HDMI inputs, and bunches of other inputs and outputs, or it could have gotten you almost all the way to a $300 system with three HDMI inputs -- and that's just the first brand that came to my mind, so I'd bet you could find similar units for less money if you looked hard enough. (The prices are quoted from Sony's website.)

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