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Default On Mac Forum Terms of Service

We want to keep it pretty enjoyable around here, so we don't want to have strict rules. If we notice a problem with anything getting out hand, we'll take notice and adjust the rules accordingly. These rules are a work in progress and will be improvised, so remember to check back frequently for changes

I. How the rules work
The following rules are effective as of now. If you break them:
On the first offense, you will be private messaged by a member of the moderation team.
On the second offense, you will be private messaged a warning by a member of the moderation team.
On the third offense, you will be banned from the On Mac forums.

II. Posted Content
We think you should be able to speak your mind. That’s why we don’t want to make things get too uptight, and want to have an enjoyable atmosphere. However, the following is strictly against the Terms of Service.

*You are welcome to whine about the site, the contest, or whatnot, but you must do so in The Lounge. While starting a new topic in the wrong forum is not a bannable offense, if you continously go into other threads and start whining, you will be banned as needed. The same goes for political topics etc.
*You may not discriminate against other forums members at all. Personally attacking, insulting or otherwise offending another member is considered strictly against the Terms of Service.
*No swearing on the board. Remember, this is a public forum, which anyone can access. Let's try to keep it PG.
*You may not spam the forums. For example, talking about how to get a free Mac or iPod.

That’s it! Have a fun time here!

The Moderation Team

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