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Old 16th April 2006, 01:18 PM
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Default Misson half completed

Haha, so i got my Mac Mini and was getting along with Mac OSX Fine, really liked it to be honest very nice OS.

Ok so i installed Bootcamp so i could get windows dual booting with it, partitioned it 35GB Mac, 40GB Windows.
Started the windows install and it asks what partition to use... so me like a idiot i deleted the 35GB one, whiping out my Mac OS!
So i rebooted the machine and i would no longer boot into Mac OSX
So i just booted off windows CD again deleted all partitions and created one 60GB partition for windows, started the install and had no problems at all, no BootCamp, no XOM or EFI hacking what ever it is.

And i am running windows XP MCE 2005 Perfectly now off my Mac Mini, only thing that i dont have drivers for is the IR so cant use my nice little remote - Are there drivers out there for this?

My Task tomorrow is to get Mac OSX back on the 15GB Partition and get it dual booting!

On another note, my MCE is a 2dics set and i just put all cd2 on a usb thumb drive and when it asked for cd2, pointed it to E:\ and worked like a dream.

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